“The final test of a leader is that, he leave him in other men, the conviction and will to carry on” – Walter Lippmann

     An organization succeeds in the long run only when leadership values of experience and dynamism are handed over traditionally to younger cadres. The motivation to perform consistently and to inspire the best from fellow employees. These are ideals that have been cherished.


The management team of the company is lead by the following directors :-

1. Shri. B.K. Joshi
2. Smt. Sashi Joshi
3. Shri. S.K. Joshi
4. Shri N.K. Joshi    
5. Shri. Arvind joshi    

      The management of the company is vested in the hands of the Board of Directors and the combine code of the company is based on the following fundamental principles ::

     ° Structure the Board to add value.
     ° Promote ethical and responsible decision making.
     ° Safe guard integrity in financial reporting.
     ° Make timely and balanced disclosure.
     ° Reorganize and manage business risk.
     ° Remunerate fairly and responsibly.
     ° Recognize the legitimate interest of shareholders.
     ° Respect the rights of the shareholder.
     ° Legal and statutory compliances in letter and spirit.

Role of Board:

     The Board is collectively responsible for promoting the success by directly supervising the company affairs.

      The Board Role is to provide entrepreneurial leadership within a frame work of prudent and effective control which enables risk to be assessed and managed.

      The Board should set the company‚Äôs strategic aims to ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place of the company to meet its objectives and review.

Company Secretary ::

     ° Mr. A. Chandra Sekhar C.S

Charted Accountants::

     ° Mr K.C Mohanty C.A